Studio Location

Studio Address:
416 Washington Street SE
Olympia, WA 98501
Suite #203

The entrance to the building can be easy to miss.  It is located directly between two businesses:  The Painted Plate, and Let’s Paint.  You’ll see the number 416 next to the door.  The building is part of the Capitol Theater building, so you’ll see flyers hanging on the door in relation to that.  The Timberland Bank ATM is right across the street from the entrance to the building.

Parking Information:
Parking is located on the surrounding streets.  The meters require payment on the weekdays (cards/coins) with a two-hour limit, but they are free on the weekend for unlimited time.  There is a Diamond pay parking lot around the corner from the entrance to my building, it’s located on the corner of 4th Ave and Franklin.  This lot will allow you to pay for an extended period of time (such as 2-6 hours), with cards or cash.  The Diamond lot requires payment on both weekdays and weekends.  If your session is scheduled over the weekend you may park across the street in the Timberland Bank parking lot for free, but ONLY when the bank is closed!  The US Bank parking lot across the street is available for parking when the bank is closed, however you will have to pay in that lot at all times.

Building Entry:
If your session is scheduled on the weekend, please note that the main front door to the building will be locked.  Please call when you arrive (360-870-8806)  so that I can come down and let you in.  When you enter the main front door walk directly up the stairs and turn right.  You will see a bright teal door ahead on the right, it is #203.  Please knock first if there is a session scheduled before yours!

There are men & women’s toilet rooms directly across the hall from my studio.  There is hand sanitizer in there but if you prefer to wash your hands with soap/water please return to my studio where I have a sink for hand-washing.

Make yourself at home:
I do ask that all shoes are removed once inside my studio.  There is a boot tray next to the door where you may leave your shoes, and a coat rack above it.  Because so many babies/toddlers are photographed in the studio, it’s important to keep the floors as clean as possible!    You’ll find a loveseat and sofa chair in the parent waiting area, feel free to move the pillows around and make yourself comfortable while you wait!  There is a baby changing station in the parent waiting area that you are welcome to use if you have a little one, you’ll find toys on the bottom shelf of the changing station for toddlers.  Across from the seating area there are complimentary snacks, a coffee/tea service area, and cold beverages in the refrigerator.  Please help yourself, and I mean that!

Nearby Attractions:
Quick Food:  For quick/affordable food within walking distance from my studio I recommend:  the Fifth Ave Sandwich Shop which is less than a block away off 5th Ave; The Bread Peddler which is a block away off Capital Way; or Quality Burrito which is just around the corner off 4th Ave.  There is also the delicious Old School Pizzeria a couple blocks away off Franklin.

Sit-Down:  There are many wonderful sit-down restaurants in Olympia, but for choices close to the studio I recommend: the Oyster House or Budd Bay Café which are both on the water by Percival Landing, Water Street Cafe which is down by the Capitol Lake, or just up the hill off 4th Ave is the fabulous Ramblin Jacks.  If you follow Capital Way down to the Farmer’s Market, you’ll see an Anthony’s Homeport and Mercato which is a great Italian restaurant.

Coffee:  There are several coffee shops on the surrounding streets to choose from.  Right downstairs from my studio is Burial Grounds, just around the corner off 4th Ave is Café Love, and there is a Starbucks 2 blocks away on the corner of Legion & Capital Way.  Batdorf and Bronson is a block away off Capital Way and comes highly recommended by Olympians.

Fun stores:  Captain Little is an adorable children’s boutique/toy store located right across from my studio, on the corner of 5th and Washington Street.  If you have children ages 0-8 you need to visit that store!     Another fun/quirky store is Archibald Sisters which is 2 blocks away off Capital Way.  Right next to my studio is The Painted Plate, a great shop where you can paint your own plates/cups/bowls, and eat ice cream!

Other Attractions:   If you have young children I highly recommend the Hands-On Children’s Museum which is a short 2-minute drive from my studio.  The WET Science Center is located next door to the Children’s Museum.  There is also Percival Landing down by the water where you can walk along the docks, with a playground & swings in the grass.  Capitol Lake Park is nearby off Water Street and is a great place to walk around.  The Capitol Building is about a mile away up Capital Way, open to the public with tours daily.

Banking:  There is a Timberland Bank and a US Bank directly across the street from the studio.  Both have 24/hour ATM’s available outside.  A little further up Capital Way (toward the Capitol Bldg) you’ll find a Key bank and a Chase Bank.

Grocery:  There is a Bayview Thriftway right down by the water (a 2-3 minute drive), and Ralph’s Thriftway is up the hill off 4th Ave (a 3-4 minute drive).  Up the hill on the west side of Olympia you’ll find a Trader Joes, Haggen, and Safeway.

Gas:  There are two gas stations off Plum Street near the entrance to I-5.

Big Box Shopping:  If you take 5th Ave all the way up the hill you’ll be on the west side of Olympia where there is the Capital Mall, and several other stores such as: Target, REI, Big Lots, Goodwill, Joanns, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Ross, Party City, Babies R US / Toys R US, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Rite Aid, Walgreens.