2017 Newborn Session Investment & Details

Amber Webb Photography was recently named one of the
“Top Newborn Photographers in WA for 2016” by Photography Magazine!


Why hire a professional newborn photographer?
Is it worth the investment?

When you invest in professional newborn portraiture, it’s important to understand why this investment is “worth it”.  Many photographers who specialize in newborn portraiture have received training in newborn handling, safety, and we are highly-skilled in intricate posing and advanced editing techniques.  When you visit Amber Webb’s studio on the day of your session you will have access to an enormous supply of high-quality props, blankets, wraps, knitted hats, bonnets, headbands, accessories, and the list goes on.  Amber takes pride in choosing the best materials and strives for an upscale style.  Her goal is to create timeless artwork that you are proud to hang on your walls. This requires a lot of time and effort at all stages: during preparation, your actual session, and the careful editing process afterward.  When you invest in professional newborn portraiture you’re investing in an overall experience, culminating with a finished product that you cannot find around every corner!  Babies are only this tiny and new for a short period of time!   You’ve worked hard to bring this little miracle into the world, now let Amber work to capture their true beauty, and turn that into timeless artwork that your family will treasure for a lifetime!


“Mini Natural Newborn Session”
$150 due at booking  +  $350 due at session
Includes 20 Digital Files from a 1-hour session of natural baby-led posing, plus 1 professional print


  • What is included:  A 1-hour “mini” newborn session at my downtown Olympia studio.  Session will be primarily “baby-led natural posing” with up to 2 backdrop and accessory changes.  Your choice of 1 single prop for use, if you’d like, as long as it is a prop that baby can be naturally posed in, awake or asleep or wrapped.  Parent/sibling posing can also occur, however please be aware that you will end up with fewer images of baby alone if part of the 1-hour is used on parent/sibling images.  Please note that the Mini Natural newborn session will not exceed 1 hour.
  • What is “baby-led natural posing”?   Natural baby-led posing means letting baby fall into their own natural/comfortable position with minimal invasion or hand-placement on my part.  I will not be “perfecting” the pose with intentional hand/finger placement.  If you would like to see sample images of “natural” posing feel free to ask and I would be happy to show you what that might look like from previous sessions.  (Please note, most of the images posted on my website/facebook are intentionally-posed images, NOT natural posing, although I do have many examples I can show you upon request).
  • Digitals:  You will receive 20 fully-retouched, high-resolution digital images along with a print release.  You will receive a link to an online gallery where you can download the full-size files directly to your computer at no additional charge.
  • Professional Print:  You will receive 1 professional 8×10 print of your choice, mailed directly to you from my lab.
  • HOW TO BOOK:  Contact me to see if I have availability in the month of your due date.  If I do then $150 is due at booking as a non-refundable retainer, otherwise known as a “reservation fee”.  This will secure your session in the month of your due date, regardless of whether baby arrives early, late, or on time!  The remaining balance of $350 is due on the actual day of your session.  ***Please note that your session is NOT on my schedule until your $150 retainer has been received.
  • IS THIS THE RIGHT TYPE OF SESSION FOR YOU?   If you prefer a very natural feel to your baby’s images without major posing; if you’re okay with a greater chance of “awake” images; if you desire a session styled with simple elements and you are not looking for a large use of props; and if the idea of 1-hour spent in the studio sounds better than 3 hours – then this “mini natural” newborn session is a good choice for you.  You will still receive natural, beautiful professional images of your newborn!  (Twins/triplets must book a full-length session, read below.)


“Full-Length Deluxe Newborn Package”
$200 due at booking  +  $525 due at session  (or via Payment Plan)
Includes a Full Session, Highly-Posed + 30-40 Digital Files + 5 Professional Prints + Video Slideshow


  • Preferred Package:  This is the most popular package chosen by 90% of my newborn clients.  The vast majority of images on my website and Facebook page were taken during a full-length newborn session.
  • What is Included:   A 2 – 3 hour custom-styled newborn session at my Olympia, WA studio.  Most full-length sessions average 2 – 3 hours, however some take longer depending on baby’s needs.  You will NOT be charged extra if the session takes over 3 hours.
  • Highly-Posed & Natural Posing:  The full-length deluxe newborn session includes a variety of image types.  Majority of the session involves highly-posed images, as well as a few natural baby-led poses.  Macro images of the baby’s details are also included.  The full-length session also includes full parent/sibling posing, as well as a mixture of “lifestyle” images using the couch, bed and large window in my studio.  You will receive full use of all props, hats, bonnets, headbands, layers, accessories & backdrops available in my studio.  During the “intentional posing” portion of the session a great deal of time is spent on meticulous hand/finger/foot placement, to give clean beautiful images.  Every last detail is perfected before I take the shot.  The majority of images you see on my website and Facebook are performed this way.
  • Digitals:  You will receive 30-40 fully-retouched, high-resolution digital images, along with a print release.  You will receive a link to an online gallery where you can download the full-size files directly to your computer at no additional charge.
  • Professional Prints:  You will receive 5 professional prints shipped to you directly from my pro lab: 1-8×10, 2-5×7, and 2-4×6.
  • Slideshow:  You will receive a beautiful video slideshow of your images set to music with information about your baby’s birth, that you can share with friends/family or post on social media.
  • HOW TO BOOK:  Contact me to see if I have availability in the month of your due date.  If so, $200 is due at booking as a non-refundable reservation fee/retainer to hold a spot on my schedule in the month of your due date.  This will guarantee you a spot in the month of your due date, regardless of whether baby arrives early, late, or right on time!  The remaining balance of $525 is due on the day of your newborn session, or this remaining balance can be paid in smaller increments leading up to the day of your session (see info on payment plan below).
  • IS THIS THE RIGHT TYPE OF SESSION FOR YOU?   If you desire a variety of poses (including those that require a heavily sleeping baby); if you’d like the use of several props and accessories; if you like the look of clean posing and the intentional hand & finger placement that you see on my website and facebook; if you’d prefer more images to choose from, and more time for family portraits; and if you can handle 3 hours in the studio (dad & siblings may leave after their photos are taken and return at the end), then the Full-Length “Deluxe” newborn session is the right choice for you!  If you are having twins/triplets, the full-length session is the right session for you!



  • Newborn Sessions should take place while baby is under 18 days old.
  • If you would prefer a session in your home, please see the separate section on “Lifestyle Sessions”.  These sessions differ greatly from in-studio sessions, but they are still a great way to naturally capture your new bundle!
  • All final images are chosen by the photographer.  Raw/unedited images will not be delivered or shown.
  • You will receive an online gallery where your images can be downloaded from.  You’re welcome to share this gallery with friends and family.  You are able to order additional professional products from the online gallery, if you choose.
  • Does a full-length session really last 3 or more hours?  Sometimes!  Although this may seem like a long period of time, typically several breaks are taken to soothe baby, feed baby, change baby, and to get baby back asleep.  Those breaks (which are necessary to meet baby’s needs) do account for a large portion of this approximate 3-hour session length.  In order to achieve the intricately-posed images you see on my page, it is necessary to have a happily & heavily sleeping baby!  The goal is to complete the session in approximately 2 hours if baby/siblings cooperate, but the average session lasts somewhere between 2-3 hours.
  • Once your actual session has been scheduled you will receive a detailed Prep Packet PDF with all of the information you need to know prior to your session.
  • Maternity &/or Reveal Sessions:  If you book a newborn session with Amber Webb you become eligible for a discounted Reveal Session &/or a discounted rate on a Maternity Session.  Please see the separate sections for these session types for more information!
  • Pricing listed above is effective as of April 13, 2017.  All bookings prior to this date are subject to the current pricing/pages at the time of booking.




For the Full-Length Deluxe Newborn Package, $200 is required down at booking as a non-refundable retainer/booking fee.  That payment is non-refundable as it secures your booking, meaning a spot will be reserved for you in the month of your due date.  The remaining balance of $525 is due on the day of your actual newborn session, however if it is financially easier for you to split this amount into smaller payments then I do allow clients to pay their balance in smaller increments leading up to the session date.  This is completely optional and is meant to make this package more attainable to everyone.  The entire balance must be paid-in-full on or before the date of your actual newborn session. You may choose the amount and frequency of your payments.  If you have difficulty making a payment one month, that is okay, there is no penalty.  The only stipulation is that the entire balance is paid-in-full on or before the date of your actual newborn session.  Please contact Amber for more information.




$150-$250:  AWP is proud to offer gorgeous flush-mount albums that contain your favorite newborn images beautifully laid out.  You will be able to view a sample album when you visit my downtown studio.  Albums include 10 double-sided pages, for a total of 20 pages.  Sizes range from 6×8″ to 8×10″, and there are a variety of cover options:  photo cover, linen, leather, etc.  Amber will custom design the album and you will be sent a link where you can preview the final design before it is sent to print.

**WHEN TO PURCHASE AN ALBUM:  You may decide to invest in a custom album before your session, or at any point after you’ve received your final gallery, there is no time limit.

**DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE:  If you choose to PRE-purchase an album (ie pay for the album in full on/before the day of your newborn session), then you will receive a 10% discount.  If you choose to order duplicate copies of the same album you’ll receive a 15% discount off each additional duplicate.







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