2017 Mini Session Investment & Details


$100 retainer due at booking  +  $150 balance due 1 day before session   


What’s Included in This Investment:

  • 20-minute Mini Session on a date and location chosen by photographer.
  • Digitals:  Your investment includes 15-18 fully-retouched digital images (high-resolution) from your session, along with printing rights.  You will receive a link to an online gallery where you may download your final image files directly to your computer for no additional charge.  If you do not own a computer or do not want to download the images yourself, a CD or USB of your final images can be mailed to your home for a small additional charge.  **Please note that final 15-18 images included in your investment are chosen by the photographer.
  • Additional Images:  If you would like to purchase additional fully-edited images from your mini session this is an option.  You may choose to do so once you have received your online gallery of the original 15 edited images that are included with your initial investment.  Cost:  You may purchase an additional 10 edited digital files for $75.  Once this has been paid (via Paypal), the photographer will edit 10 additional images per your request and add them to your online gallery for free download.  This process will occur within 10 days of your choices being submitted.  ***You will be able to view a set of pre-selected image thumbnails that your 10 additional edits can be chosen from.
  • You will have the option of ordering high-quality professional prints from my associated printing lab.  This can be done from the online gallery you’ll be provided with, and the lab will mail the prints to your home.  It is not required to order prints through this lab, however it is highly recommended in order to maintain proper quality/color/saturation.
  • For in-studio mini sessions you will have full use of all my props/backdrops/headbands/hats/layers/accessories.
  • For outdoor mini sessions I do bring along blankets for sitting and a few of my props and accessories upon request.
  • Images are typically ready for download 2 weeks after the session; 3 weeks during busy season.
  • $100 is required down as a NON-refundable booking fee to secure your desired time slot.  This booking fee guarantees your spot will not be given to anyone else, and it will not be refunded upon cancellation.  I cannot hold a time slot for anyone until this booking fee has been paid!  Booking fees are paid via PayPal.  There are no additional fees.
  • The remaining balance of $150 is due within 24-hours of the session.  You will be provided a link to pay this remaining balance online as the date gets closer.
  • Note:  These 20-minute mini sessions are NOT for newborns.  Please see the separate newborn section for available options.


Important Info Regarding Mini Sessions:

  • Mini Sessions are offered at a *highly discounted* price off my normal rates.  Because I schedule a block of mini sessions back-to-back all on one day I am able to offer them at a lower price versus regular individual sessions booked at other times. 
  • Mini Sessions are also offered at a *highly discounted* rate because you are not able to choose your own location or day, as that is pre-chosen by the photographer ahead of time.  You are able to choose your own time slot however, pending availability as the slots are sold first-come-first-serve once booking begins.
  • How To Book:  Mini Session bookings take place on my Facebook business page and I start booking approximately 3-4 weeks before each event.  I will post a photo-flyer with all the information on Facebook for each event once booking begins.  There will be a link you can follow where all available time slots are listed.  You add your desired time slot to your shopping cart and checkout by paying the $100 retainer.  This secures your chosen time and it cannot be given to anyone else.
  • PREVIOUS CLIENTS of mine have an option of booking a Mini Session slot before the photo flyer is posted and public booking begins.  I will post about this in my private VIP Facebook group first and give previous clients a chance to secure a spot first.  This typically occurs the night before booking opens up on my regular page.
  • If you are NOT in my private VIP Facebook group please contact me or see the pinned post on the top of my photography page and request to join it.  All information about upcoming Mini Sessions and specials will be posted in the private VIP group first, before it’s posted on my regular page!  This can mean a huge advantage to booking a spot!
  • If you do not have Facebook (or rarely use it) and you want to be notified of upcoming mini sessions via email please send me a private message (follow the contact form here on my website), and I will add you to my email list.
  • Act Quick!!  Mini Session days tend to fill up fast (usually within 24 hours after booking opens all spots have been claimed and the day is Sold Out), so it’s important to lock-in a spot right away if you know you want one!



Mini Sessions Typically Offered Throughout The Year:

January – Snow Minis #1  (daytime, outdoors at a snowy location, families/kids/couples/maternity/seniors)
– Snow Minis #2  (daytime, outdoors at a snowy location, families/kids/couples/maternity/seniors)
March – Easter Minis  (daytime in-studio, babies/toddlers only)
May – Spring Minis  (daytime outdoors – for families/kids/couples/maternity)
June – Summer Minis  (daytime outdoors – for families/kids/couples/maternity)
July – Sunset Minis  (evening outdoors – for families/kids/couples/maternity)
August – Mount Rainier Minis  (evening outdoors – for families/kids/couples/maternity)
September – Fall Minis #1  (daytime outdoors – for families/kids/couples/maternity)
October – Fall Minis #2 and #3  (daytime outdoors – for families/kids/couples/maternity)
November – Christmas Minis  (daytime in-studio, babies/toddlers/kiddos only)
November – Tree Far Minis  (daytime at a Christmas Tree Farm – for families/kids/couples/maternity)


***This is a typical list but these are all subject to change.  Please fill out the Contact Form here on my website or message me via my Facebook Page, if you would like more information on upcoming mini sessions!